Universal Updater v2.2.0 Released

Universal Updater v2.2.0 Released

A new version of Universal Updater has just appeared on the web, as a reminder, it is the much simpler equivalent to using MultiUpdater, it also takes up the basics of operation, but in addition accessible.

Unlike MultiUpdater, you don't have to create your own configuration, simple scripts can be downloaded with which Luma3DS or NTR can be updated at the press of a button, even on Nightly versions.

Anyway this v2.2.0 brings the reimplementation of UniStore

- UniStore implementation!
- Reorganization of the graphical interface and improvement of the script linked to "Scripts".
- Add 2 styles of bars. (One with the bar graph and one with just solid rectangles.)

Download: Universal Updater v2.2.0

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