Bsnes-HD beta v10.2 Released

Bsnes-HD beta v10.2

Derkoun is updating its fork of Bsnes, which, as a reminder, adds support for mode 7 in HD, 16: 9 format and other very nice features. The main thing is to fix a number of bugs while upgrading from the official version of Bsnes. The Switch is not to be outdone, since everything necessary has been added (since beta 10.1) for this build to be fully compatible (but for the moment, the rendering is not multi-threaded).
The HD rendering of mode 7 makes us literally rediscover the games that rocked our childhood, judge for yourself:

The 16: 9 mode is also very impressive:

News / Corrections

    Widescreen extension is new computed for the AR plus the overscan and aspect correction settings [#29] (see ReadMe for a list of values)
    Fixed broken image when editor is paused [#24] (Hopefully also fixes crashes mentioned in #12)
    Fixed Ignore Window functionality, e.g. for Terranigma Mode 7 widescreen [#22] (Also the replacement x-coordinate can be set again)
    Fixed Gamma/Luminance/Saturation settings being applied [#23] (Gamma defaults is 150, previous behavior matched 100)
    Fixed transparency issue in Kirby’s Dreamland 3 via a hackish implementation of non-hires backgrounds in hires-scenes when scaling is enabled [#10] (Also improves hires handling at odd scale levels)
    Fixed regression in HD window functionality [#25] and added first primitive improvement for the issues with horizontal lines [#19] (this is all still considered experimental)
    Fixed Super Game Boy on libretro
    Added libretro settings Aspect Correction and Gamma/Luminance/Saturation and corrected overclocking to not go below 100%
    Update to latest bsnes (114.3) and SameBoy trunk
    beta 10.1 did include libretro improvements enabling MSU-1 [#16] and cheat [#17] support and officially adding the Switch port (currently without multi-threaded-renderer)

All provided as-is, libretro core available on Windows, Linux, Android & Switch via the RetroArch updater.
DOWNLOAD: Bsnes-HD beta v10.2

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