Cemu v1.17.1 Released

Cemu v1.17.1

ExZap and its team continues to advance Cemu, it must be said that it is now used on quite a few additional platforms, in particular as an emulator, even if the main one remains the PC.

As you know Cemu has established itself as the best emulator for Nintendo Wii U on PC, after a compulsory stint in front of Patreon.

The Vulkan API provides more direct access to PC hardware, as it is a low-level API, allowing you to make the most of all the power made available by the latest GPUs.

AMD and Intel GPU GPU owners can expect a significant increase in performance compared to using the OpenGL APIs.

To use the Vulkan API in Cemu, go to Options -> General settings -> Graphics and select Vulkan from the drop-down menu of the graphics API.

This version 1.17.1 once again gives pride of place to Vulkan since it improves performance while various new features and minor bug fixes have been made, especially on textures and RAM / VRAM memory leaks.

# Cemu detailed changelog for 1.17.1
# Patreon release date: 2020-01-31
# Public release date: 2020-02-07

general: Added stick visualization to input settings
general: Replaced vsync checkbox with a dropdown and added renderer-specific options

vulkan: Overhauled internal Vulkan object / resource management
         - Fixes crashes due to erroneously releasing textures that were still in use
         - Fixed some RAM / VRAM leaks
         - Generally lower VRAM usage since textures are released as soon as possible (previous solution enforced a 3 frame delay)

vulkan: Reloading graphic pack shaders should no longer cause a crash
vulkan: Added debug stats as an additional overlay option

(#xx) refers to bug tracker issues resolved by this change. See http://bugs.cemu.info/projects/cemu/
Download: Cemu v1.17.1

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