Delve v1.0 Released

Delve v1.0

noirscape has just published a brand new proposal for the Nintendo Switch scene, it is a homebrew web browser for Nintendo Switch consoles modified under the name of Delve.

Delve is a small browser which uses the Gopher protocol based on the use of command lines, the tool is a direct competitor of the HTTP protocol which gained ground in the early 90s.

Gopher was more content oriented, where the emphasis was on simplicity and document management, unlike HTTP at the time, it was also lighter, with less information, but gradually HTTPS has established itself.

You want the example of a website created with Gopher, a kind of Wikipedia:

Differences from the original version of Delve
- The pager works as follows:
- Press + to display the following information.
- Press - to enter a command at any time.
- No support for order history (incompatible with swkbd).
- The default configuration file is loaded from /switch/delve/delve.conf.
- No support for custom type managers.
- Additional indicator to indicate the end of an order.

To use it, simply extract the sd.7z archive and merge the folder on the SD card.

Download: Delve v1.0

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