FB NEO RL v1.09 Released

Here is a new proposal on the PlayStation 3 scene, here comes a forl of FBA RL under the name of FBNeo RL.

Following work on FinalChapter Retro Loader (FBA RL) from CaptainCPS-X (a fork of the libretro kernel of FBA with a custom frontend), psx-place member, Crystal, has just published FBNeo RL.

The original version of CPS-X contained a modified version of fb_aplha (libretro kernel), this version of Crystal now contains the recently released libretro FBNeo kernel (FinalBurn NEO). Libretro describes this kernel as a mixture of "Final Burn Alpha and old versions of MAME".

If you have already used FBA RL, this project better supports MAME and above all there are many corrections and improvements to adapt to the new core recently revealed.

To take advantage of this, you will need a PS3 console compatible with Custom Firmware (CFW) or a PS3 benefiting from PS3HEN.

- New core libretro: Final Burn Neo v.
- Up to 6166 recognized games
- Add option "display clone sets"
- Updated snaps
- Addition of original manuals by CpatainCPS (PS button)
- Arcade games pack synchronized with FinalBurn Neo v0.2.97.44 (ClrMame Pro XML) .dat

Download: FB_NEO_RL_1.09_ [20200129] _ [CEX_34X_4XX] _ [BASE] PKG 127.50 MB

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