GUI PS4 Offline Account Activator by Charlyzard

GUI PS4 Offline Account Activator by Charlyzard

13 days ago we presented to you the arrival of Charlyzard's PS4OfflineAccountActivator, a tool allowing you to export PS4 backup data among others to USB under firmware 5.05. Now it is a user interface that has just arrived, greatly simplifying the processes, making them at least more intuitive.

How to use
  1. Launch ps4debug on your PS4
  2. Launch this program on your computer
  3. Type in your PS4 IP adress and click Connect
  4. Click Get Users
  5. Type the account id you want to activate on the proper text box. You can get your account id from the folder name of an exported save Account id
  6. Click Set Id & Activate
  7. Click Get Users again to check if it was changed properly
  8. If you used an old account with trophies then fix the problems in the Notes & Warnings section
arthen has therefore just proposed an interface which will allow you to benefit more easily from PS4 Offline Account Activator, it allows to activate the PSN account on the jailbroken PS4, which allows you to export the saved data to the USB.

According to initial feedback, the interface works well and is fairly intuitive.

Download: GUI PS4 Offline Account Activator

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