Julius v1.3.0 Released

Julius v1.3.0

bvschaik, the developer of Julius has just released version 1.3.0 of its software, which as a reminder is the porting of the Caesar III engine based on an open source re-implementation, the strategic game similar to SimCity taking place at Roman times.

Julius is an open source re-implementation of Caesar III.

The aim of this project is to create an open-source version of Caesar 3, with the same logic as the original, but with some UI enhancements, that is able to be played on multiple platforms. The same logic means that the saved games are 100% compatible, and any gameplay bugs present in the original Caesar 3 game will also be present in Julius. It is meant as a drop-in replacement for Caesar 3, with the same look and feel, so there will be no major UI changes.

UI enhancements include:
  •     Support for widescreen resolutions
  •     Windowed mode support for 32-bit desktops
  •     Several small in-game quality of life improvements
Julius requires the original assets (graphics, sounds, etc) from Caesar 3 to run. It optionally supports the high-quality MP3 files once provided on the Sierra website.

Running the game

First, download the game for your platform.

Alternatively, you can build Julius yourself. Check Building Julius for details.

Then you can either copy the game to the Caesar 3 folder, or run the game from an independent folder, in which case the game will ask you to point to the Caesar 3 folder.

Note that you must have permission to write in the game data directory as the saves will be stored there.

See Running for further instructions and startup options

New features :
- "Accept none" button on attics and warehouses. Press the "x" button to set all resources (including future resources) to "Refuse".
- New configuration screen to activate / deactivate options. Access this screen using the "Options" button in the main menu. An explanation of the new options can be found on the Wiki.
- New parameter: monthly automatic save - automatically save the game on autosave.sav every month of game. Activate it in the menu "Options
- Writer: requests for money are now possible. These also work in Caesar 3
- Screenshots of the whole city: press Ctrl + F12 to save the whole city in a (big!) Bmp file in your C├ęsar 3 folder

User interface improvements:
- New configuration option: introduction videos when starting the game
- New configuration option: display game speed, job information and rankings in the city's control panel (sidebar), when the window height allows
- New configuration option: smooth scrolling in the city view: scrolling by pixel instead of by map tile
- New configuration option: quickly build temples for each of the gods. Select "all" in the construction menu, the temples will then be built in the following order: Ceres, Neptune, Mercury, Mars, Venus.
- New configuration option: visual feedback when deleting buildings. In the previous version, this option was enabled by default, it is now disabled by default (behavior of Caesar 3)
- Visual feedback on deletion is now also available when using overlays
- Editor: the user is now notified of unsaved changes when the card has been edited
- Invalid .sav files will no longer be loaded
- Messages with video show the text in small font if it does not fit in the window
- Trade routes indicate whether it is a land or sea route on the "Open trade" button
- Julius version number is now displayed in the main menu
- Right click can now be used to close messages
- The new career dialog now has a back button
- "Go to problem" button has been added to video messages for invasions and disasters
- Some modifications to adapt the texts to the different languages
- The year of play (123 BC / AD 123) is now indicated in the correct order according to the language used
- The screen will no longer be black when displaying a dialog and resizing the game window

Gameplay improvements:
- New configuration option: correction of the immigration bug on very hard
- New configuration option: correction of centenary ghosts during the construction of eternal cities
- Roads will now lead to the attics to indicate the entrance to the attic
- Buttons allowing access to the concerned adviser have been added for some additional messages
- The prefects now also give their opinion on the situation of the city in the information of the right click
- Commercial caravans now say something when you click the right mouse button. Previously, only the first animal spoke
- When you are dismissed, the emperor will express aloud his dissatisfaction with you

Performance improvement :
- Videos skip frames when decoding the video takes longer than the duration of the frame on slower devices
- The start of the game is now faster because the audio files are only loaded on demand, and no longer at startup

Bug fixes:
- Correction: frozen / infinite loop caused by migrating seagulls
- Fixed: portals no longer add routes next to the portal when rotating the map
- Correction: crash in the editor when using a c3_map_mm.eng which does not contain help entries from the editor
- Correction: text scrolling twice as fast in manual texts when using the mouse wheel
- Fixed: several visual problems when deleting buildings
- Correction: music no longer resets when canceling the sound options dialog
- Correction: accented characters in tooltips will no longer be at the wrong height
- Correction: commercial cities do not appear with a red flag on certain empire maps
- Correction: houses with partial access to the fountain showing no blue on the water
- Correction: the rating objectives were indicated on the rating advisor for the scenarios"open play
- Correction: the "go to problem" button in the sidebar did not work when an invasion had just started
- Correction: banner of the remaining months always displayed for limited-time / survival missions after winning the scenario
- Correction: be able to fix one resource at a time to store and export at the same time
- Correction: editor: the selection of tools no longer immediately paints on the map
- Correction: editor: flags do not appear in some cases
- Correction: editor: request for favor and not for saving
- Correction: editor: display of the licensees / victory screen when editing the winning criteria
- Correction: editor: native huts disappeared during road construction
Download: Julius v1.3.0

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