Libtesla and Nx-ovlloader v1.1.1 Released

Libtesla and Nx-ovlloader v1.1.1

WerWolv offers libtesla v1.1.0, as you know libtesla is the easy-to-use library that manages the creation of layers, the drawing of the user interface and all the overlay UX proposed with its Tesla Menu Overlay Menu.

libtesla makes it very easy to create a new layer for any application.

Suddenly, he also updated nx-ovlloader to v1.1.0 to support this new version of libtesla because this v1.1.0 is a complete overhaul.

Changelog v1.1.0:

- The structure of libtesla has been completely reworked

- libtesla is now a header-only library

- Add the possibility to read the configuration values from sdmc: /config/tesla/config.ini

- Currently only supports changing the key combination

- Many current bug fixes:

> Fixed drawing of space characters with drawString
> Improved frame rate
> Many corrections of recent RP by @diwo
> Fixes focus issues when you press the home or power button
 v1.1.1 (bug fixes)

Download: libtesla and nx-ovlloader v1.1.1

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