N-Xplorer v0.7.0 Released

N-Xplorer v0.7.0

CompSciOrBust offers us a new version of its N-Xplorer program which now goes to v0.7.0.

As a reminder, N-Xplorer is a browser and file editor for modified Nintendo Switch consoles largely inspired by VitaShell, the manager of PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV developed by TheFlow.

N-Xplorer includes a text editor, an image viewer, recursive copying of files and folders, moving files and folders, renaming files and folders, creating and deleting files and folders.

This version v0.7.0 offers a lot of new features, especially on the extraction parameters and related to the interface.

How to use

Main UI

  • Up / Down buttons to move up and down the list
  • Left button quickly jump up through the list
  • Right button quick jump down through the list
  • A to open a file / folder
  • Y to open and close the sub menu
  • Plus to quick exit

Text Editor

  • Up / Down change lines
  • A edit line
  • Left deletes a line
  • Right adds a line
  • B save options

Image Viewer

  • B exit
  • Left / Right buttons to rotate the image
  • Up / Down buttons to zoom
  • Left stick to move
Changelog 0.7.0:
What's new ?
- The "Copy" submenu has been replaced by "Select" to dispel any confusion.
- Addition of a code for sorting files by size and name (descending and ascending).
- Modification of button B behavior. End users should not notice a big difference.
- Addition of a graphical interface for parameters.
- Beginning of adding support for themes.
- Addition of the possibility of mounting backups (experimental).
- Improved file copy speed.
- Added extraction of zip files.
- Addition of an automatic update of the application.
- And probably other things that I forget.
- Just press minus to access the new settings menu.
- If you want to test functionalities before their official release, join my discord server and ask for the role of tester. https://discord.gg/ZhRn3nn

Download: N-Xplorer v0.7.0

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