Noboru v0.1 Released

Creckeryop informs us of the availability of a brand new program for the PSVita scene, this is Noboru.

Under this name hides a manga or comic book reading program on which Creckeryop worked for a month.

Characteristics :

- Navigation on manga sites
- Search engine
- Manga reading (in vertical or horizontal mode!)
- MultiTouch, Swipes and other things to touch
- Possibility to add a manga to the library
- Loading of long pages (webmanga) without reduction of scale (thanks to my piclib)
- Multilingual
- Reading without network (offline mode!! Don't forget to add the manga in the library! (You can also consult the History tab))


- Some crashes, it's normal, just restart the application,

If that doesn't help, here is a list of things you can try:

- delete ux0: data / noboru / save.dat to delete the library
- delete ux0: data / noboru / chapters to delete saved chapters
- delete ux0: data / noboru / cache to delete all cached data (history, chapter tables, covers)
- delete the folder ux0: data / noboru
- write a number here

Download: Noboru v0.1

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