NOBORU V0.35 Released

NOBORU V0.35 Released

Under the name of Noboru hides a manga or comic book reading program on which Creckeryop worked for a month.

  •     Browsing manga sites
  •     Searching
  •     Build-in updater
  •     Reading manga (with Vertical or Horizontal mode!)
  •     MultiTouch, Swipes and other touch things
  •     Adding manga to library
  •     Loading longpages (webmanga) without downscaling (thanks to my piclib)
  •     Supports CBZ format
  •     Multilanguage
  •     Reading without network (Offline mode !!Don't forget to add manga in library!! (you can also check History tab))
- Parameters of the list of analyzers (sort by language or other, hide some of them).
- Sort the chapters by 1-> N or N-> 1.
- Added a new way to modify page controls (DPAD).
- Added scrolling from top to bottom.
- Many languages.

Known issues
- The download stops if you go into standby mode and after this application, you must restart to activate the download.
- Tip: Please do not close the PlayStation Vita screen until the blue light goes out.

Changelog v0.35:
- Adding imports, you can also read your .cbz without importing
- User interface slightly modified
- The reader page counter will now hide
- Added option to skip loading characters (sometimes it will be delayed)
- Minor corrections
Download: NOBORU V0.35

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