NX Activity Log v1.2.0 Released

NX Activity Log v1.2.0

NX Activity Log is a homebrew application for the Nintendo Switch which displays more precise information about your play activity.

A new update is available for NX Activity Log, the application that allows us to view the log of activities performed on the Nintendo Switch console. The developer tallbl0nde now v1.1.0 of his homebrew, NX-Activity-Log, which allows you to keep track of usage time, number of launches or even to know your playing times.

With NX Activity Log, it is thus possible to check how many times a match has been played, how long it has been played, the time since the last match and the total playing time (up to the minute and not only 5 hour segments).

Reporting Incorrect Data

If you are seeing wildly incorrect values/believe the playtime shown is incorrect within Recent Activity or the Details screen, please do the following:

  1.     Download and run the .nro from here
  2.     Leave it run; if it appears to be frozen leave it for up to a minute!
  3.     Once it is done there should be a playlog.txt at the root of your SD card.
  4.     Create an issue with the following:
  •   Screenshots of the incorrect data (make sure the date/time and playtime are visible!)
  •   The playlog.txt acquired from the last steps

Note: If the data shown under All Activity is incorrect there is nothing I can do! These values are read directly from the Switch and aren't the result of any calculations.

Known Issues

    The main issue at the moment is that a few users' playtime is incorrect. This is due to the Switch being factory reset at some point and/or some games not requiring a user to be selected to play it. I am looking into how to fix the former!
    Having a lot of games logged can cause too much memory usage when launched via User Page/Album, leading to out of memory crashes and/or missing images/text.
  •     I think I know a way to fix this but if it impacts you you'll have to launch this app in title mode for now.
    Having a lot of games logged causes a long pause/freeze when loading the 'All Activity' screen
  •    Once I learn how to handle threads this won't be a problem :)
    Changing the date while a game is minimised causes incorrect playtime/play sessions to be shown
  •    Nothing I can do as the time has literally been changed!


thanks to:

    AtlasNX for SimpleIniParser
  •         Used to read/write the config file
    Switchbrew for nx-hbloader
  •         Adapted to override User Page with this app
    Anyone else involved with the development of homebrew tools and reverse engineering of the Switch!

Changelog 1.2.0 :

    Graphs have been added to the Recent Activity and Details screens
        The value labels can be turned off in settings
    A date selector panel has been added so spamming L/R to change date is no longer needed
    'Replace User Page' will no longer install the forwarder if the .nro is in the incorrect location
        The expected location of the .nro is now /switch/NX-Activity-Log/NX-Activity-Log.nro
        This should prevent any related crashes
    Ability to view 'Play Sessions'
        These are a period of time from when a game was launched to when it was quit (by actually closing not just minimising)
        The individual events used to calculate all activity can be viewed by selecting a session
    The user can be changed without having to exit the app
    The algorithm for counting play time has been slightly improved
    Removed restriction on available date range
        This allows for viewing of data in the future/before the Switch was released (due to incorrect time)
    Behind the scenes:
        Almost all of the codebase has been rewritten
        The UI has been moved to my own UI library Aether
            This has fixed a few UI bugs and should make UI-related changes faster
    A number of bugs fixed, including:
        A crash after 20 successive launches due to not closing a service
        A crash due to an incorrect config.ini
        Random black screen freeze requiring a hard reset
        Unable to replace user page on SX OS

Tip: Hold ZL/ZR when scrolling through a long list to scroll faster!
Download: NX Activity Log v1.2.0

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