NX-Ovlloader 1.0.0 Released

The Homebrews Switch scene has once again taken a big step forward, thanks to the work of WerWolv. It offers us today a very interesting sysmodule, which should largely facilitate the use of certain homebrews. This is in fact an overlay menu, which is displayed as an overlay of an application or a game currently running, multiplying the possibilities in the hack. For example, it offers two homemade menus giving control over the activation / deactivation in real time of certain Custom Firmware features:

  •     Tesla-menu which lists all overlay menus
  •     EdizonOverlay which displays real-time cheat codes on the current game

The whole thing being open to everyone, open-source and flexible to the extreme, there is no doubt that the coming weeks will be rich in news ... it will not go unnoticed. The developer is already promising great things with the future version 4.0.0 of Edizon.

NX-Ovlloader 1.0.0

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