NXCord v0.2 and CaptureSight v0.3.0 Released

NXCord v0.2 and CaptureSight v0.3.0

Two small programs for the Nintendo Switch have just appeared on the web, the first is NXCord and the second is CaptureSight.

NXCord is an unofficial Discord client for modified Switch consoles developed by developer Willi Ye. Attention, Discord prohibit the use of third party clients, it is possible to get banned with kind of program. The VoIP application uses part of the unofficial client source code published for the 3DS portable console.

Installation and usage:

- Download the latest version of the NXCord client.
- Extract all files inside the SD card of the Switch console.
- Restart the Switch console to allow the sysmodule to load.
- After restarting, you can run NXCord and, if it is run for the first time, a login screen will appear.
Changelog v0.2:
- Fixed an audio problem when several people were speaking.
- Reduction of the initial delay of the microphone.
- Fixed some crashes.
- Websocket zlib decompression has been implemented.
- Integration of Sysmodule.
- Added option to log out instead of logging out

Download: NXCord v0.2

The other small program is CaptureSight, it is a tool available both as an overlay (for the Tesla Menu) and also as an applet. It allows you to view all types of Pokémon, all active dens, to search for seeds ...
So with this program you will be able to see the species of Pokémon, the attacks, the IV, all the active haunts, the stars of a haunt, the raids ... and the applet offers translations for several languages depending on the setting "Switch language"

Download: CaptureSight v0.3.0

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