OVL-sysmodules 1.0.0 Released

WerWolv unveils a new sys-module for its Tesla Menu overlay program. OVL-sysmodules is a module that will allow you to activate and deactivate other sys-modules (like sys-ftpd, emuiibo, sys-con, sys-clk, etc.).


- Make sure Tesla is already working!
- Download the .ovl file from the GitHub repository and drop it in the /switch/.overlays folder on the SD card of your Switch.
- Open Tesla and select the Sysmodules item.
- To detect sysmodules, ovl-sysmodules uses the same system as Kosmos Toolbox. It searches for toolbox.json files in your / atmosphere / contents / <ProgramID> folders.

Download: OVL-sysmodules 1.0.0

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