Payload PS4HEN v2.1.2 Released

SisTR0 has just updated its PS4HEN payload to version 2.1.2, as you know PS4HEN is intended only for users of firmware 5.05, it does not aim to be able to play games requiring firmware higher than 5.05, just to protect yourself from Sony servers and updates if you log in by mistake.

PS4HEN which as a reminder is a fork of PS4HEN originally proposed by xVortex, will allow you with this new version to launch One Punch Man without having to go through Orbis or spoof devkit, it is the same with Reed Remastered.

Characteristics :

- Homebrew Enabler
- Jailbreak
- Sandbox Escape
- Debug Settings
- Support for external HDDs
- VR support
- Installation of the Remote Package Install
- Rest Mode support
- Support for external HDD Format 7.xx
- Spoof for firmware 7.02
- Debug Trophies support

Correction :

- Patch sys_dynlib_dlsym

Download: Payload PS4HEN v2.1.2

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