Redream v1.5.0 Released

Redream v1.5.0

Redream is a closed-source Sega Dreamcast emulator. It was formerly licensed under GPLv3.

2 days ago, version v1.5.0 of Redream was released, as you know, there are currently two editions of the Redream emulator, a Lite and a Premium. The Lite version can be downloaded for free, even if you still have to register on the website.

The Premium version instead can be purchased for $ 5, compared to the Lite version which supports high definition rendering. The emulator can also be run without BIOS, however using a BIOS is highly recommended as some games may have bugs, as the replacement BIOS is not currently perfect.

For those who do not know Redream, it is probably the best Dreamcast emulator ever designed that allows you to play your games in high definition.

Performance has increased dramatically, and new features such as backup states and cheat code support have been introduced to make emulation more fun. Obviously, games should run at full speed on these low-power devices. Accuracy has also been improved, without degrading performance. A February 2020 report was prepared here.

Changelog v1.5.0


- Support for disk exchange.
- Support for Redumpa BIN / CUE.
- Support for piracy on wide screen.
- Support for Codebreaker cheat codes.
- Support for Raspberry Pi 4.
- Supports BIOS HLE fonts.
- Exclusive full screen support.
- High resolution support on Windows and Mac.
- Support for the Nintendo Switch controller.
- Support for the PowerVR trilinear filter.
- Support for PowerVR secondary storage buffer.
- Support for the volume of the PowerVR parameter selection modifier.
- Support for registry aliases to improve ARM32 registry allocations.


- Numerous improvements in CPU and GPU performance following the improvement of Pi.
- Dependency removed GL_ARB_fragment_shader_interlock for sorting by pixels.
- Now ignores removable media drives in Windows that contain no discs.
- Improved responsiveness of library analysis for large libraries.
- Library scanning is now limited to a single worker thread.
- Filtering of noisy axes when capturing keys.


- Significant refactoring for the HLE BIOS, correction of all known incompatibilities.
- Rendered rendering to take care of rendering shadows before fog.
- Video output only fills half the screen in some PAL games.
- Flickering of the video output on the component in some PAL games.
- The main menu of Codebreaker is not displayed.
- The main menu of Langrisser Millenium is not displayed.
- The textures of the NFL 2K / 2K2 fields do not mix properly.
- The shadows of NFL Blitz 2001 do not blend properly.
- The ice in NHL 2K2 which looks black.
- Vertical bands of the Real Sound frame buffer.
- Fuzzy textures in World Series Baseball 2K2.
- Flickering of the main menu of V-Rally 2.
- Numerous AICA flow fixes.
- CDDA music is missing in some games.
- The decoding of ADPCM audio is perfect.
- Audio Sega Bass Fishing coming out of the rails.
- Capcom Fighting collection hung on start-up.
- Quick stop of the attack at the end of level 1.
- Gundam Side Story hangs during the third mission.
- Tech Romancer hangs after a few laps.
- Library scanning does not work with exFAT readers.


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