Review: 5 Switch Accessories

5 Switch Accessories

Accessory #1-Dual Voltage AC Adapter from Armor 3

‘Charge into battle with the Armor3 Dual Voltage AC Adapter for Switch Console and Dock! Whether it’s plugged into your Dock for TV mode or as a charger for your Switch Console, this adapter will get your Switch ready for action. Charge and play your Switch Console simultaneously via a 6 ft. cable. It also provides a line of defense with short-circuit protection for your Switch. Charge up and move out, soldier!

  • Input: 100-240V-50/60Hz/115mA
  • Output: 5V-1.5A/15V-2.6A
  • Compatible with Switch Console and Dock
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Simultaneous charge and play
  • 6 ft. cable’

  1.     Works on both a docked and undocked Switch.
  2.     Cord length is identical to that of the charger that came with your official dock. This means you have a full six feet of length to work with.
  3.     Doesn’t brick your Switch!
  4.     Compatible with Switch Lite.
  5.     You can use it to charge as you’re still using the Switch, yes even undocked.
  6.     Essentially a 1-to-1 copy of the official Switch charger. This means it fits perfectly into the Switch dock and other official Switch stands and tabletop chargers.
  7.     Price is lower than an official AC adapter at $19.99 rather than $29.99

  1.     It doesn’t feature prongs that swivel into the brick like some adapters have. This is a minor complaint but it still reduces portability a little bit.
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Click here to buy this Dual Voltage AC Adapter.

Accessory #2-Retro Controller Adapter from Nyko


  •    ‘Supports one GameCube controller
  •     Plugs into the USB port on the side of the dock
  •     Powered by a USB Port – No AC Adapter required
  •     Up to two adapters can be plugged into the dock
  •     NOTE: Only compatible with the Nintendo Switch’

  1.     Not wireless, this means that you have a straight-on wired connection so there is far, far less chance for latency.
  2.     It uses the Gamecube controller and that is great for so many reasons. Smash Bros. aside, you also have a controller that has a six-foot long cord and works for nearly every Nintendo Switch game.
  3.     Plug and play and passively powered. This removes the need for powering the converter. I was thinking it would have a microUSB port on the side to connect a microUSB cord into and power it. I’m glad this is not the case.
  4.     You can use 2 of them at once. I think that this is great because if you only have you and one other person, it’s pointless to get one of the adapters that has four Gamecube ports.
  1.     No home button, no workaround mentioned in the instructions either. The real workaround here is that you still need to keep your Joycons on the couch with you and use them for the home button, putting the system to sleep, or powering down.
  2.     It must be plugged in on the USB ports on the outside of the dock. This does not work with the USB 3.0 port inside the dock on account of the size.
  3.     This only works in docked mode only, out of the box that is. You’ll need an OTG adapter to make it work with the Switch while undocked.
  4.     You can’t wake the system up with it.
  5.     It’s bulky and sticks out really far. The only logical USB port is the one on the bottom, it’s closer to the surface that the dock is sitting on.
  6.     I couldn’t get the damn thing to work every time! I’m not certain as to why it wouldn’t always work. Literally only once out of the five times, I used it did it work properly. Your mileage may vary.

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Click here to buy this Retro Controller Adapter.

Accessory #3-Mini Dock from KacoSata


  •     ‘Travel or replacement dock
  •     Allows console charging and its connectivity with TV set
  •     HDMI, USB 2.0 (x2) and USB 3.0 sockets
  •     Male USB Type-C charging connector for console
  •     Female USB Type-C connector for power supply
  •     AC adapter not provided (use the one provided with the console)
  •     Dimensions : 95 x 62 x 28 mm
  •     Support all versions of Nintendo Switch™ console (OFW, CFW, v9.1.0 included)
  •     Manufactured by KACOSATA®’
  1.     When this thing did work, it worked decently enough. It operated as a dock should.
  2.     It comes with a board and parts already installed. It’s not just an empty shell that you use to gut your official dock. This is good in theory, not in practice with the KacoSata version.
  1.     This only worked one time ever. Every other time it froze the Switch to the point of having to manually power cycle it. That simply isn’t worth it, even for the money saved. This happened to my friend’s Switch on it as well. It immediately crashed his Switch. For those of you stating that it’s a matter of the power supply, it isn’t. I used the official Nintendo AC adapter which works on both of my official docks as well as just charging the Switch. I also used the Armor 3 Dual Voltage AC Adapter on it and it still acted the same way. It has to be something in the logic board, so I’d steer clear of this specific company. It’s a godsend that neither of our Switches bricked.

Purchase Link:

Click here to buy a Mini Dock (KacoSata no longer sold in the US, instead the link will take you to a highly rated Mini Dock).

Accessory #4-Gbros. Adapter from 8BitDo


‘GBros. connects your original wired Gamecube controller to your Switch just like a Wiimote. It even has a built-in home and screenshot buttons. GBros. has a built-in toggle that allows you to connect to your Switch and X-input capable software on Windows.
  •     Compatible with Gamecube, NES Classic, SNES Classic, and Wii Classic controllers
  •     Wii Classic controller port, original GameCube controller port
  •     Connects your wired Gamecube controller to Switch like a Wiimote
  •     Support Switch and X-input with Windows
  •     Lag-free
  •     Switch: HOME button and Screenshot button are available
  •     Windows: Turbo functionality is available’

  1.     It’s wireless, so you know, no cords along the length of the floor.
  2.     Works on PC and your Switch. You can hot-swap it on the fly if you’d like. Having the PC in play means all of your favorite controller compatible PC games and emulators (Dolphin) will work with this.
  3.     It’s lag-free, within reason. You have about a 30-foot range before you may notice some latency. But even then it isn’t that bad. If your butt is sitting more than 30 feet away from the TV, you’re gaming wrong!
  4.     The compatibility of this thing is incredible. On one end there is a Gamecube port. This means that your Gamecube controllers work with this. I think it’d be fun to see if the Wavebird receiver can work with this. But also, on the other end of the device, there is a Wii controller port. So anything that has that proprietary plug on the end will work. This means your NES/SNES Classic controllers, your Wii Classic controllers, and maybe even your Guitar Hero guitar?!
  5.     It comes with a cord wrap to keep things organized when you’re not using it. Or if you want to travel with it and the Switch.
  6.     Works with the Switch in both docked and undocked modes.
  7.     It comes with a micro-USB cord for upgrading firmware. I’m not certain what if any features are added. I’m guessing it’s probably to be able to keep compatibility with new PCs and also newer Switch firmware.
  8.     Lightweight so that it doesn’t weigh down your Gamecube cord.
  9.     The syncing process is incredibly easy and stays synced. You won’t experience any random disconnections, at least I didn’t.
  10.     There is a turbo feature. I don’t ever really use Turbo, but I did test it and it works as it should. It’s easy to turn on, easy to execute, easy to turn off. It’s there in a pinch if you need it.
  11.     The adapter adds the missing home button from your old school Gamecube controller.
  12.     Fully charged/brand new AA’s in this thing can last up to 30 hours of play according to the guide. I feel like I’ve played more than that, but I didn’t test it. I would assume that high capacity rechargeables will last longer per use than your one and done AA’s from the store.
  1.     Requires batteries! I feel light a chargeable solution should exist. Like maybe a kind where you pop the cap off the end of the device to expose a USB plug and you can charge it in your Switch’s USB port when not using it.
  2.     The battery door is a pain to get off since they made the fingernail slot as small as possible.

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Click here to buy this Gbros. Adapter.

Accessory #5-USB C Wall Charger Station from NekTeck

  •     ‘USB Type-C Power Delivery: 60W PD Charger Widely compatible with all USB C devices. Support MacBook Pro, Nexus 5X/6P, Nintendo Switch, Pixel 2 XL, Lumia 950/950XL, Chromebook Pixel, and other USB C devices. HP Envy is not compatible
  •     3 Smart Charging USB-A Ports: Charges up to 3 devices at once and one power port up to 5V/2.4A max. Compatible with most smartphones such as Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11, 10R, 10 ,8, 7, 6s, 6s Plus, 6 Plus, 5, 5C, 5S, iPad ProMiniAir, Samsung Galaxy S7S7 Edge, Kindle, etc
  •     Ultra-Convenient: Supplies more ports for charging smartphones, tablets, and notebooks, truly one for all. Worldwide voltage compatibility (100-240V/ac) ideal for international travel
  •     Safety Guarantee: USB-IF, TID:12000067, UL, CE, FCC certificated, using the Highest Quality Components, build-in Safeguards Protected Against Over-Charging, Over-Currents, and Over-Heating
  •     What We Offer: 1 x USB C PD Charging Stand Station, 1 x USB-IF Certified Type-C Cable 6ft (up to 60W Capable); 12-month warranty quality guarantee’
  1.     Price. The price of this (at the time of this writing is $25) is so incredibly low for all of the features that it has and the compatibility that we’re about to cover.
  2.     The compatibility for this wall charger is crazy. You can already see all of the compatible things listed in the features. Let’s just say that it works to charge all cellphones, all devices with USB-C, and then anything that can plug into a regular ol’ USB port. Check the image down below.
  3.     Incredible build quality. This brick is solid as a rock and the cord that is going from the brick to the wall is also thick and is going to stand the test of time.
  4.     It comes in the box with a lengthy USB-C to USB-C cord. This is great because some USB-C cords are already the price of this whole wall charger! This means you can leave your other Switch USB-C cords you bought at home and take the wall charger with you.
  5.     It has multiple ports letting you charge several things all at the same time. This is especially great if the family is on the trip, you can use all four ports at once. This has fail-safes in it so that nothing overheats even under the heaviest of use.
  1.     While it’s a necessary evil, the size of the brick is the only bummer. It would be great if it at least had cord wrap tabs on it so that you can organize the cord and tuck the whole thing away in a bag.
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Click here to buy this wall charging station.

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