SimpleModManager v1.4.0 Released

SimpleModManager v1.4.0

SimpleModManager is an homebrew app for the Nintendo Switch CFW : Atmosphere. It allows to manage your mods (via LayeredFS).

SimpleModManager is a homebrew application that will allow you to manage mods, via LayeredFS, in Atmosphere. SimpleModManager makes it easy to manage mods from LayeredFS by redirecting access to romfs files on the SD card. When the application accesses a romfs file, it checks the existence of this same file in the SD card. If the file on the SD card exists, access to the romfs file will be redirected to it.

This new version 1.4.0 adds a possibility to create and apply presets of mods.

  •     Place the .nro file in the /switch/ folder of your SDcard.
  •     At the root of your SDcard, create a /mods/ folder.
  •     Tree structure : /mods/<NameOfTheGame>/<NameOfTheMod /<ModTreeStructureFromAtmosphereFolder>
Example : /mods/The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild/First Person View/content /01007EF00011E000/romfs/Actor/Pack/GameRomCamera.sbactorpack

Changelog v1.4.0

- New functionality: added the possibility to create and apply mod presets.
- Now manages the persistence of the keys.
- Minor bug fixes.

Download: SimpleModManager v1.4.0

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