Snes9xRX v4.7.0 Released

Niuus unveils v4.7.0 of its Snes9xRX emulator, it updates it regularly, but the changes are made progressively. As a reminder, Snes9xRX is based on version 1.52 of Snes9x, so it integrates perfectly on Wii and Wii U.

Now this version "Palindrome Day Edition" arrives with a lot of new features although it arrives a month after the previous one.

Changelog 4.7.0:

- Fixed the performance of Kirby Super Star on Nintendo Gamecube.
(30+ FPS boost for this game should make it fun again)
- Add option Show local time. [Bladeoner / tantric]
- Optimization of the management of USB controllers. [Revvv]
- Open the device only if VID + PID match.
- The iOS version has been updated [revvv]
- GCN build fixes (thanks emukidid!)
- README renewed.
- Creation of missing files.
- Note that if one or more "\ snes9xgx" folders are missing, they will be created the second time the emulator is run, after a settingsRX.xml has been generated by pressing Exit during the first execution.
- Experimental support for DualShock 3 (wired). This option is based on libsickaxis 1.0 offered by Xerpi. From now on, control 2 to 4 players simultaneously. Could and should be updated in the future to refine this implementation, any help in this task will be welcome.
Download: Snes9xRX v4.7.0

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