Swiss 0.4r798 Released

Swiss 0.4r798

Extrems has just put online the r798 of the 0.4 of Swiss, as always the evolutions are important with this solution as soon as a new version is proposed.

Swiss is the worthy successor of SD-boot, it allows to launch GameCube homebrews but also backups stored on SD card or hard drive, SDGecko, WODE, Wiikey Fusion and many other solutions.

Changelog 0.4r798:
- By cleaning up the mess from the previous version, the Wiikey Fusion should now work better than ever, including support for two drives.

- A long standing bug causing crashes with DVD / GCLoader and patch fragments has been fixed.

- It is now possible to start the games via the main menu of the GameCube. There are still some issues with this feature, but most of it works. The current game settings apply, so it can be seen in progressive scan.

- Addition of an exception for PAL games started by IPL.
- Displays the disc number when another disc has been found.
- Generalization of the text encoding patch for the first SDKs.
- Removed spam from the debug log.
- Adding a text encoding patch for BS2.
- Addition of a region patch for BS2.
- Addition of video patches for BS2.
- Porting of the Wiikey Fusion to the new patches.
- Addition of the start function by IPL.
- Rewrite of the CPU blocking bypass on EFB Z during a copy operation.
- Correction of the reading of the DVD from the alignment of a previous patched file.
- Do not allocate audio streaming buffer for new patches.
- Reimplementation of the DVD-R spin-up.

- Added verification of the SP2 slot for cheat codes when it is on another device

Download: Swiss 0.4r798

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