Team-Xecuter announces the SX CORE and SX LITE Mods testing phase!

Team-Xecuter announces the SX CORE and SX LITE Mods testing phase!

300 Pre-Production Units Go Out to Testers Applying to Team-Xecuter With Their Modding Skills!

People have been waiting for a while for news from Team-Xecuter, and today they hit us with double-whammy, announcing the name of their upcoming modchips, and at the same time putting out an request for 300 solid modders with skills to help fine-tine their pre-production units that will be going to those that start applying TODAY by Contact'ing them directly via their 'wholesale (at) xecuter (dot) com' Email.

We are looking for 200 to 300 testers who are willing to commit time to really test in depth the product and report back to us eventual bugs, issues, or way to improve it before mass production starts.

Please contact us if you have the skills and time for it. Obviously, you need to know how to open an console and make basic solder points – nothing really challenging here as far a the installation itself. But a bit more to bring us that feedback and find the hidden bugs the common mortal wouldn't.

Please no need to write if:

    You don't have time to really test this in depth.
    You don't have the required skills.
    If you were in touch with us before and we know you just want free stuff, we know who you are, we manufacturers all know each other, don't bother trying.
    You can't fix your console if there is a little issue. Again, experienced users. We are not going to send you a new console if you drop your soldering iron on the wrong place of your console.

We already have quite a few names from the past, we will confirm when you email us. But as this product is pretty advanced, we would welcome a little more help. All *NEW* application must come with references from known trusted scene members. If you don't, sorry, we will just ignore your request.

Again this is for ALL Switch. Regular unpatched Switch, Patched, Mariko and Switch Lite. But obviously we are not interested in people with regular unpatched Switch (grab a SX Pro FFS!)
So it seems, during the Chinese New Year break, TX was not sleeping, they been working hard, and both the SX CORE and SX LITE is getting ready for the mass public, but in the meantime get to work and apply to TX today showing them your skills and references and you could be one of the lucky first 300 users out there with full bragging rights to show off to the world they have a working modded 'Patched' or 'Mariko' or 'Lite' Switch Console!

MORE INFO: --> (and don't forgot to check out their new TX chat server)

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