TegraExplorer v1.3.0 Released

TegraExplorer v1.3.0

suchmememanyskill unveils 1.3.0 of its TegraExplorer program. Under this name hides a file explorer for hacked Switch consoles, it is not a program, but a payload based on Lockpick RCM.

TegraExplorer works much faster when running the Minerva library on the SD card. This means that installing Hekate 5.1.0+ greatly speeds up the process.

Characteristics :

- Access the SD card.
- Go to the sysnand / sysmmc system partition.
- Interact with files.
- Delete, copy or move files.
- Start of payloads.
- Display the hexadecimal data of a file.
- Interact with files.
- Deletion or copying of files.
- Download the current firmware to the SD card.
- Formatting the SD card.

Changelog 1.3.0:

- Scripting (Scripts have a .tegrascript extension, you can learn more about them in the wiki)
- Reading the EmuMMC

- pkg1id is now used as folder name for firmware dumps to avoid conflicts
- Modification of the behavior of certain functions internally
- File assignments are copied correctly
- The first 16MiB are now authorized on an SD format

This version of TegraExplorer works much faster when you have minerva on your SD card. This means that having the hekate 5.1.0+ bootloader folder on your SD cards speeds things up a lot!

Download: TegraExplorer v1.3.0

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