TextReaderOverlay-NX v1.0 Released

TextReaderOverlay-NX v1.0

Diwo offers TextReaderOverlay which is an overlay for the Nintendo Switch that allows you to view text files over any prominent application. It is launched with nx-ovlloader and Tesla-Menu, as always you must have Atmosphere to run this application.

  •     Download nx-ovlloader and extract it onto your SD card
  •     Download Tesla-Menu and extract it onto your SD card
  •     Download TextReaderOverlay-NX and extract it onto the root of your SD card
  •     Place *.txt files anywhere on your SD card
  •     Press L + D-Pad-Down + R-Stick to launch Tesla-Menu after reboot
  •     Select Text Reader from the menu
 What is currently showing:
- CPU Usage for each core (Cores #0-#2 are used by apps/games, Core #3 is used by OS, background processes and also Tesla overlays)
- CPU, GPU & RAM actual frequency
- Used RAM categorized to: Total, Application, Applet, System, System Unsafe
- SoC, PCB & Skin temperatures
- Fan Rotation Level

- Reduce window size
- Show GPU Usage

Download: TextReaderOverlay-NX v1.0

Thanks to:
- RetroNX channel for helping with coding stuff
- SunTheCourier for sys-clk-Overlay from which I learned how to make my own Tesla homebrew

Q: This homebrew has any impact on games?
A: Negligible, you won't see any difference. Almost everything is done within 1% of Core #3 at stock clocks, other cores usage is below 0.001%.

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