The delayed testing phase for SX Core

The delayed testing phase for SX Core

With the amount of coronavirus infections having reached over 67,000 and the death toll surpassing 1.5 thousand, it’s no surprise that various parts of the industry have been affected and this also includes the production of Team Xecuter’s upcoming modchips. In this article, we’ll be looking at the potential delay in the start of public testing of TX’s new hacking solution due to the virus.

Earlier this week, Team Xecuter announced the start of the testing phase for their upcoming SX Core and SX Lite hacking solutions for ipatched/mariko units and Switch Lite units respectively.

This testing phase allows up to 300 known scene modders who have soldering skills and qualifying hardware to apply to receive a pre-production modchip in order to give feedback which will ultimately help Team Xecuter create a more robust final product. In the days following the announcement, numerous modders applied to be part of the testing effort but then, Team Xecuter gave them some unfortunate news which was shared to us by a trusted scene member.

This unfortunate news consists of Team Xecuter potentially having to delay the start of their testing phase since ‘it might take another 2 weeks’ before they’ll be able to ship modchips due to the Coronavirus. This is because the factory where the modchips are being produced is closed presumably due to concerns about the Coronavirus as Chinese authorities are imposing various measures in order to stop the spread of the virus.

We don't yet have an idea of the launch window, but between this pre-production, the delay and the fact that we must then launch mass production, we should not expect to see the model land final Nintendo Switch before May or June, the model dedicated to the Nintendo Switch Light, will probably arrive even later.

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