Tinfoil v8.10 Released

Tinfoil v8.10

Blawar has just released version 8.1.0 of Tinfoil. As you know, he is an essential manager of the Switch scene, Tinfoil allows you to install games, updates and DLC on your Nintendo Switch. Lithium is a simplified version of Tinfoil for inexperienced users, but it has not been updated, it got stuck in 7.01.

This new version 8.1.0 comes after 8.0.1 which aimed to correct some bugs, version 8.1.0 comes to correct a problem related to usbfs.

Tinfoil / Shop v8.1.0:

- Fixed bugs related to usbfs and other miscellaneous bugs (including the timeout bug)
- Fixed some problems with gdrive.
- NUT requires reinstalling the USB drivers (if you are using USB). Same process as before but the device name has changed. A driver installation application is included for Windows users.
- Uninstall the previous forwarder, if present, before installing version 8.0.
- Only works on the latest version of Atmosphere and SX OS. If your console does not start after installing the kip, your Atmosphere is too old.

Download: Tinfoil v8.10

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