Atmosphere 0.10.5 Released

Atmosphere 0.10.5

SciresM doesn't stop anymore, now it offers version 0.10.5 of Atmosphere.

As you know, if you already have it, to update or install this new version, it is recommended to delete the / atmosphere / bootloader / sept folders and insert the new files.

Version 0.10.5 is the twenty-eighth official release of Atmosphere.

fusee-primary was last updated in: 0.10.4.

Thanks to @switchbrew team, Atmosphere 0.10.5 is delivered with hbl 2.3, and hbmenu 3.2.0.

The following has been changed since the last version:

- Changes have been made to the way fs.mitm constructs images when it provides a romfs layeredfs.
- Building romfs metadata previously had a memory cost of about 4 to 5 times the size of the file table. This meant that games with particularly large file metadata tables (> 4 MB) used up the 16 MB of memory in fs.mitm.
- The code that creates the romfs images has therefore been modified to be, once again, much more efficient in terms of memory.
- Memory requirements have been reduced from ~ 4x the size of the file tables to ~ 2x the size of the file tables + 0.5 MB. There is a slight speed penalty to this, but the test on Football Manager 2020 only took ~ 1.5 seconds longer for the game to start with many modified files. This should not be noticeable thanks to the asynchronous changes made in version 0.10.2.
- If you see a game that drains the memory of ams.mitm (causing it to crash) when loading layeredfs mods, please contact SciresM.
- Building Romfs can be made even more efficient in memory, but unless the games appear with even more absurdly large file tables, it doesn't seem worth it to compromise on speed.
- A bug was fixed which caused the fatal error context of Atmosphere not to flush TLS for certain processes.
- General improvements in system stability to improve user experience.

Download: Atmosphere 0.10.5

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