CMFileManager PSP v3.30 Released

CMFileManager PSP v3.30

Joel16 has just unveiled a new version of CMFileManager PSP which can be used in the PlayStation Vita, so it offers a big update of CMFileManager PSP which arrives in v3.30.

As you know CMFileManager which is intended as much for the PSP as the PlayStation Vita, the utility which comes to replace CyanogenPSP, Joel16 estimating that CyanogenPSP was too confused.

Changelog v3.30 :
Now uses a new fsdriver kenel module for elevated kernel permissions for sceIo dir open/read/close to access flash with full privileges.
    Updated stb_image and dr_libs to the latest respective versions.
    Implement a toggle between large/small icon display. The small icons displays two times more files on the screen than the large icon display.
    Removed the hard-coded 2048 file count limit. (I hope you don't have this many files in a single folder)
    Fixed file creation leading to error 0x80010016.
    Cleaned up other kernel modules & slight consistency changes.
    Enable RW acces to flash0, flash1, flash2 and flash3. (You need to enable developer options to access these features - do it at your own risk)
    Enable RW to flash in FTP if dev options are enabled.
    Major clean-up with handling controls:
        You can now hold the d-pad for more than a second to keep scrolling through any sort of list.
    Switch to NotoSans font and set encoding to UTF-8 to display non ASCII characters and symbols (experimental).
    Removed last visited directory feature. (Often times this would lead to crashes if it can't properly obtain the last visited directory and the only way to fix this was to delete lastdir.txt through usb, or some other homebrew)

FTP Mode Instructions:

    Press START to open settings menu and select FTP connection.
    Select a network connection when the Network dialog pops up.
    After it is connected successfully, a message will appear saying FTP Connection established IP:Port. Use an FTP client like WinSCP and enter the IP and port (1337) and make sure to use anonymous login.
    Once an FTP connection is established from your server, you won't see any folders or files. You have to manually search for the path /ms0: or /ef0:. You can also search for other devices like /flash0: or UMD - /disc0: (Please use caution when browsing any flash0-flash3)
Download: CMFileManager PSP v3.30

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