déjàvu: Vita SaveState Plugin Released

déjàvu: Vita SaveState Plugin

TheFlow has just adapted the Déjàvu solution to the PlayStation Vita.

Unlike the exploit of the Nintendo Switch, déjàvu is a plugin for the PlayStation Vita that allows you to make a snapshot of the RAM at any point and later restore it. It allows you save in games where it is officially not possible. A potential use case for developers is to temporarily downgrade/update the firmware (in RAM) in order test things (this has not been tested yet).


    Download dejavu.skprx and copy it to ux0:tai/dejavu.skprx.

    Edit ux0:tai/config.txt and add its path to *KERNEL as follows:


    Reboot your device and enjoy this new feature.

Download: Déjàvu v0.1

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