Hactool v1.3.2 Released

Hactool v1.3.2

SciresM has just implemented a new version of Hactool which is now available in v1.3.2. As a reminder, this utility allows you to decrypt and extract files in the specific format of Nintendo Switch.

Compiling is always boring, which is why a pre-compiled version is provided for Windows users.

Since the last version, the following has been changed:
- Support has been added for the validation of new fixed keys for NCA headers (9.x +)
- Romfs is now analyzed by an iterative loop instead of recursion to avoid possible exhaustion of the stack.

The following Switch file formats are supported:
- HFS0
- PFS0
- RomFS
- Package1 (PK11)
- Package2 (PK21)
- INI1
- KIP1
- NAX0
- NSO0
- Backup files

Download: Hactool v1.3.2

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