JellyCar v1.0 Released

JellyCar v1.0

Marcin Ploska wore JellyCar on modified Nintendo Switch consoles, the title originally created by developer Walaber offers a perfect blend of a platform game and a racing title that takes place at maximum speed.

If you have to go through a narrow corridor or if you have to jump over a big mountain, the car will always adapt according to the needs of the moment. Jelly Car was born on PlayStation Vita 4 years ago, enough to finally be able to enjoy this game on Nintendo Switch.

Characteristics :

- Large simulation of soft body objects.
- 30 levels.
- Card inverted - press X during playback
- Best jump record.
- Automatic skins - Self dressed with beautiful skins (skins can be easily added by the user).
- Level editor.
- Local multiplayer (Wii only).
- It no longer really turns in 2D, it is now more than 2.5 D.

Download: JellyCar v1.0

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