LibTesla v1.2.0 Released

LibTesla v1.2.0

WerWolv offers libtesla v1.2.0, as you know libtesla is the easy-to-use library that manages the creation of layers, the drawing of the user interface and all the overlay UX proposed with its Tesla Menu Overlay Menu. libtesla makes it very easy to create a new layer for any application.

Since the release of libtesla 1.1.0 I got a lot of feedback and I tried to fix everything with this release:
     Fixed crash when OverlayFrame had no content
     Allow arguments to be passed to Guis on creation
     Added back ClickListener and StateChangeListener that went missing with the rewrite
     Made initial Gui to load not be a template argument but rather a function that gets called
         This allows you to load different initial Guis depending on runtime variables
     Added Doxygen documentation
     Fixed crash when loading new Guis
Download: LibTesla v1.2.0

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