mtp-server-nx v1.3 Released

mtp-server-nx v1.3

M4xw unveils a brand new version of mtp-server-nx which goes to v1.3.

Under this name hides an MTP server (Media Transfer Protocol) for the Nintendo Switch console. This small application will allow us to communicate and exchange data easily via USB between the console and a PC.

Users will be able to transfer files by connecting a USB cable running from the Switch to the PC at around 40 MB / s and via the shell of Windows file explorer.

This new version should fix the crash that occurs when opening storage space in Windows, and probably also on other platforms.

Changelog v1.3:
- Correction of the iteration of the database when deleting files / folders
- Thanks to RSDuck and turtle-insect

Changelog v1.2:
- Should fix the crash on open storage for Windows and possibly other platforms.

Download: mtp-server-nx v1.3

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