N-Xplorer v0.7.1 Released

N-Xplorer v0.7.1

CompSciOrBust has released a new version of N-Xplorer, which is a homebrew multi-functional file manager for the Nintendo Switch that allows you to browse the file system, edit text files and view pictures.

Changelog 0.7.1:
This update is incomplete and version 0.7.1 contains annoying bugs and its Switch has a hardware failure. Keep in mind that some new features may not work.

- Fixed a bug that caused a segmentation error after installing an update for N-Xplorer.
- Fixed a bug that prevented file extensions from being recognized if a file name contains more than one point.
- Zip extraction is now extracted to a folder. Leave the name blank to extract it to the current folder.
- Added the possibility of theme user interface parameters.
- Fixed a crash when copying a file smaller than 0.25 GB.
- Addition of additional sorting options (not fully implemented due to the problems mentioned above).

Download: N-Xplorer v0.7.1

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