NX-FPS v0.3 Released

NX-FPS v0.3

NX-FPS is a custom SaltyNX plugin for homebrew enabled Nintendo Switch consoles that will display the current FPS in the game you're playing on the screen. It features integration with the recently released Tesla overlay system allowing for real time manipulation of the plugin.

masagrator has released a new version of NX-FPS.



SaltyNX plugin that collects FPS data in Nintendo Switch games. You need my fork of SaltyNX installed.

Put NX-FPS.elf to `/SaltySD/plugins`

Currently supported graphics APIs:

When game is booted, plugin outputs one file:

There is stored address, where you can find PFPS, FPS has address `PFPS - 0x8`.

]PFPS - Pushed Frames Per Second (u8), it counts how many frames were actually pushed to display in second that passed.
]FPS - Frames Per Second (float) caculated from averaged frametime, refreshed with each new frame.

If file is already there, it's rewritten by new address with each new game boot.

To show it on display, you can use Status Monitor Overlay ]=0.4

You can also make your own homebrew to use this plugin.


Plugin brings some instability to boot process for some games. It is recommended to not close game before ~10 seconds have passed from showing Nintendo logo, otherwise you risk Kernel panic, which results in crashing OS.


Not working games with this plugin (You can find games not compatible with SaltyNX [here](https://github.com/masagrator/SaltyNX/blob/master/README.md))
| Title | Version(s) | Why? |
| ------------- | ------------- | ------------- |
| The Talos Principle | all | SaltyNX issue, for FPS counter check [here](https://gbatemp.net/threads/the-talos-principle-graphics-settings.555045/) |

# Troubleshooting
Q: Why I got constantly 255?

A: 255 is default value before plugin starts counting frames. This may be a sign that:
* Game is using different API or function than what is currently supported
* Plugin missed symbol when initializing (for whatever reason)

Try first to run game again few times. If it's still 255, make an issue and state name of game. Next updates will include support for other graphics APIs.

# Thanks to:

- RetroNX channel for help with coding stuff,
- CTCaer for providing many useful informations and convincing me to the end that I should target high precision,
- Herbaciarz for providing video footage.
Changelog v0.3
-Added support for Vulkan, so games like The Talos Principle and DOOM 64 are now supported.

Download: NX-FPS v0.3

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