OpenBOR Vita v1.0 and Switch v1.1

OpenBOR Vita v1.0 and Switch v1.1

OpenBOR is a customizable game engine, allowing you to create new games. The games developed for the Beats of Rage engine are commonly called "mods", the creators "modders", and the engine itself is commonly referred to as "modifiable". Beats of Rage has become so popular due to the ability to personalize the engine that it has become the model of personalization engines for video game consoles.

Changelog v1.1:

- Correction of the compilation with the last tool chain on Switch, correction of controls on firmware 9.0.0 and later
to fix the startup crash on Switch
- Fixed dock mode on Switch
- Correction of the aspect ratio correction option on Switch
- on Switch, the definition of new default options in full screen extended with bilinear filtering (can be modified in the video options after the start of a game)
- on Switch, adding an icon

Changelog v1.0:

- First version

Download: OpenBOR Vita v1.0 and Switch v1.1

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