PS-Phwoar v1.3

PS-Phwoar v1.3

Leeful offers version 1.3 of PS-Phwoar, the alternative to the X-Project from developer DefaultDNB, which incorporates a completely new version of the host menu based on the design of the main menu of PS4.

It is possible to install it either via USB, or via a PC, or on an ESP device, or via a device with Android, all payloads are up to date, and now PS-Phwoar! is compatible with all LightningMod applications.

This version also includes Hen v2.1.3 and PS4REN 2.0 as evidenced by the official changelog.

Changelog v1.3
- Addition of HEN v2.1.3 by SiSTR0.
- PS4REN update by SiSTR0 to v2.0.
- Addition of some additional options for the Game Dumper, as requested. (You don't need a cfg file on your USB with these payloads!)

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