RussellNX v1.3.2 Released

RussellNX v1.3.2

A tool to build Nintendo Switch homebrew games using GameMaker Studio 2's runtime.

nkrapivin unveils a new version of its RussellNX tool which, as you know, is intended for those who have a hacked Nintendo Switch, and who want to develop homebrews or games using GameMaker Studio 2 for the latest console Nintendo laptop.

The tool does not have any copyrighted file, even better it does not have GMAssetCompiler from GameMaker Studio 2. This means that it can therefore be freely distributed, however to use it you must have the GameMaker version Studio 2.

Changelog 1.3.2:
- Resolves blocking when creating games.
- Autoupdater is not modified. If you have a version <1.3 of RussellNX, you will be asked if you want to update it.
Download: RussellNX v1.3.2

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