RussellNX v1.3.3 Released

RussellNX v1.3.3

nkrapivin unveils a new version of its RussellNX tool, it is v1.3.3. As you know RussellNX is for those who want to develop homebrew or games using GameMaker Studio 2 for the latest portable console from Nintendo.

Changelog 1.3.3 :
    RussellNX won't crash if it can't remove temp directories.
    Fixed "Version:" and "Runtime Version:" fields to have "." as a separator no matter the system region.

Thank you very much for using RussellNX and... please port a game using this tool :(
the only ports that are in public and made with RussellNX are made by the dev, that sucks.
if something's wrong or you can't understand switch_ functions you can always contact the dev @ discord nik#5351 or twitter @nkrapivindev. If there's a problem with RussellNX itself you can always make an issue.
Download: RussellNX v1.3.3

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