TegraExplorer v1.3.2 Released

TegraExplorer v1.3.2

suchmememanyskill has just released version 1.3.2 of its TegraExplorer program. If you do not know this program, under this name hides a file explorer for hacked Switch consoles, it is not a program, but a payload based on Lockpick RCM.

Characteristics :

- Access the SD card.
- Go to the sysnand / sysmmc system partition.
- Interact with files.
- Delete, copy or move files.
- Start of payloads.
- Display the hexadecimal data of a file.
- Interact with files.
- Deletion or copying of files.
- Download the current firmware to the SD card.
- Formatting the SD card.

Changelog 1.3.2:
- Added 3 new script elements for future use in some of the guides

- Scripts have a .tegrascript extension. You can read more about them in the wiki

- This version of TegraExplorer works much faster when you have a neck brace on your SD card. This means that having the hekate 5.1.0+ bootloader folder on your SD cards speeds things up a lot!

Download: TegraExplorer v1.3.2

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