Tesla Menu 1.1.1 and nx-ovlloader v1.0.3 Released

Tesla Menu 1.1.1 and nx-ovlloader v1.0.3

WerWolv has just updated Libtesla and Tesla Menu, after yesterday proposing a 1.3.0 version of LibTesla, now it offers v1.3.1, but it has also updated Tesla Menu.

As you know Tesla consists of three individual parts: nx-ovlloader, TeslaMenu and libtesla.

nx-ovlloader is essentially nx-hbloader carried to function as a sysmodule. It runs in the background and loads the superimposed NROs (.ovl files) given to it.

TeslaMenu is the equivalent of the hbmenu menu. This is the initial thing loaded by nx-ovlloader and acts as a hub for you to select all of the other overlays.

Tesla Menu 1.1.1

- Bug fixes with touch functions
- Update to libtesla v1.3.1
This fixes an issue that caused touch input to not work at all in the Tesla menu

Download: Tesla Menu 1.1.1

Lib Tesla 1.3.1

Correction of touch and cleaning functions:

- Fixed header and overlay frame not receiving touch input
- Improved tracking bar and list items while scrolling
- Operate the back button to touch it
- Cleaning

Download: Lib Tesla 1.3.1

nx-ovlloader v1.0.3

Before, libtesla exhausted the service sessions which caused qlaunch to crash on firmware lower than 9.0.0. nx-ovlloader now comes out normally instead of crashing qlaunch.

If you are using firmware lower than 9.0.0, please update it!

Download: nx-ovlloader v1.0.3

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