The Eris project is the continuation of BleemSync

The Eris project

Modmyclassic unveils a brand new project, called Eris project, it is the successor of the BleemSync project of the PlayStation Classic which is now online for the pre-release tests, note that the public release should follow in a week, s 'it is not discovered too many problems with this version 0.9.

What is Project ERIS?

Project ERIS is based on BleemSync 1.2/1.3 and underwent dramatic refactoring and cleanup. (Estimated about 80% of the scripts were refactored!) Project ERIS comes with a ton of new features, fixes, optimisations, ports, emulators, and much more!

The main purpose for Project ERIS is to be completely solution agnostic. This is to allow users/mods/developers to customise/build and develop their own deployments and mods. PE is fully functional out the box, however it now comes with a fully fledged mod system (same system as Project Lunar) which allows users to add and remove any additional ports/mods or apps wanted.

What is new in Project ERIS v BleemSync 1.2/1.3?

    Dramatically improved and refactored the codeset and debloated
    Consolidated, improved, and simplified install/update/usage
    Dedicated Desktop App (*)
    Huge number of stability fixes
    Greatly reduced boot load times
    All the Graphics and audio is overhauled
    Emulation Station bundled (Properly configured and set up)
    New .mod system (Same system as Project Lunar)
    On Console Folder & Game manager (Manage your folders with an easy to use UI)
    Proper Folder support with folders on stock UI
    Added ability to launch different console games on the Stock UI
    New kernel with number of fixes and improvements
    New and improved fast kernel flashing system (FAT32 2nd USB stick no longer required to update Kernel.)
    CIFS network mount support
    Bluetooth support (generic $2-5 bluetooth adapter support)
    Overhauled network support with improved wifi management UI
    New Boot menu (like Project Lunar)
    New latest RetroArch build with fixes and improvements
    .CHD PCSX support
    Optimised RA PCSX build (improved performance)
    Automatic Drag n’ Drop system improved. Just add games to USB folder and go. (9000+ artwork, game and db included)
    Extra additional controller support
    Added customised rendering library to allow for extra port support
    Plus more!
For the moment the ERIS project is not publicly accessible, but in a week if all goes well, we could taste it.


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