Unofficial ReiNX 2.5.1 Released

Unofficial ReiNX 2.5.1

Reisyukaku, original developer of ReiNX, seems to have totally abandoned his initial project, it is another actor on the D3fau4 scene who takes up the torch by proposing a new unofficial version of ReiNX.

CFW has standard features such as loading KIP, the Homebrew Menu (via album) and supporting LayeredFS. Of course, the fixes for signatures and ES fixes for the installation of unsigned tickets are present, as well as the system modules come from Atmosphere.

Changelog v2.5.1 :
    ReiNX patching system
    fs.mitm: support html redirection
    NXSysmodules: misc static -> global
    pm: save ~0x3000 in binary
    9.2.0 support
Download: Unofficial ReiNX 2.5.1

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