Updater universel v2.3.1 Released

Updater universel v2.3.1

Universal-Updater is a 3DS homebrew that allows easy installation and updating of other 3DS homebrew!

Universal Updater is the much simpler equivalent to use of MultiUpdater, it also takes up the basics of operation, but more accessible.

Unlike the latter, you don't have to create your own configuration, simple scripts can be downloaded with which Luma3DS or NTR can be updated at the press of a button, even on Nightly versions.

A drop-down menu has been added in this new version 2.3.1, in which scripts and UniStores can be deleted. These can also be started with "START".

Certain script functions are also new, such as moving, copying and deleting titles, such as a glossary with useful explanations for the icons, which can be opened with the "left" or "right" D-pad.

Changelog 2.3.1:
- Add a drop-down menu. (Press X or the DropDown icon to display it.)
- Removal of simple scripts and UniStore.
- Autoboot UniStore & Scripts. (Press START in the Script | UniStore list to activate / deactivate it.)
- Add script functions Move, Copy & promptMsg.
- Addition of title deletion and title start functions. (I suggest using it only when necessary. We are not responsible for any data loss or anything. You must activate GodMode in the settings to use title removal.)
- Reduction in the amount of configuration savings. (Save only when changes are made to the output.)
- Addition of a glossary to some screens. (Display it with D-Pad Right and go back with D-Pad Left.)
Download: Universal Updater v2.3.1

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