vitaVoyager v0.7 Released

vitaVoyager v0.7

Rinnegatamante is back on the PlayStation Vita scene and he has just published a new version of his port of Star Trek Voyager, VitaVoyager is indeed going in v0.7.

Actually vitaVoyager is the port of lilium-voyager, a fork of ioquake3 designed to be compatible with the multiplayer mode of Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force.

How to install it:

You must insert the pak * .pk3 files from your Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force installation into ux0: data / voyager / baseEF.
The daemon is not supported. To use the CD key, simply transfer the efq3.key file to the same location.

Changelog 0.7:

- Optimized rendering code.
- Huge performance increase thanks to vitaGL corrections.
- Addition of complete holomatch data files in the downloadable package (the base game is no longer required)

Download: vitaVoyager v0.7

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