vWii NAND Restorer v1 Released

vWii NAND Restorer v1

Until now, there was no decent way to restore Wii NAND mode. You can try to do this with ftpiiu, but the file permissions are not correct.

This new tool called vWii NAND Restorer comes with a built-in fix for this problem and can also extract your existing NAND to the SD card. You can secure your NAND and keys with the Wii U NAND dumper.

Of course you use this tool at your own risk.

Related messages, vWii NAND Restorer allows you to save the NAND from vWii mode (SLCCMPT) and restore it with the correct permissions.

How to use

    -Copy your nand backup to sd:/vwiinandrestorer/slccmpt.bin and place your keys.bin/otp.bin in the same folder
   -Copy the .elf to sd:/wiiu/apps
    -Run cfw (mocha or haxchi)

Download: vWii NAND Restorer v1

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