WiiColEm v0.3 Released

WiiColEm v0.3

Marat Fayzullin has just unveiled a version of the ColecoVision console emulator for the Nintendo Wii.

This emulator called WiiColEm has been updated regularly, but this version arrives eight years after its last update which now includes a new ColEM kernel updated to version 4.8 with emulation support. super game and EEPROM modules 24c08 and 24c256.

Several display enhancements are also available, such as full-screen support, 16: 9 corrections, and the bilinear filter. Among other things, ROMs can now also be loaded via an SMB network.

Changelog v0.3:
- Update to the latest version of ColEm (4.8).
- Super Game Module (SGM) emulation.
- EEPROM 24c08 and 24c256 emulation.
- Improvements in visualization.
- Double hit (240p).
- GX + VI mode.
- 16: 9 correction.
- Full panoramic support.
- Possibility to activate / deactivate the bilinear filter (GX mode),
- Trap color filter.
- Hierarchical support for file browsing.
- SMB (network support) for loading ROMs.
- Support for multiple backup locations.
- Support for startup via WiiFlow (and return).
- Update to the latest versions of devkitPPC (r35) and libogc (1.8.23).

Download: WiiColEm v0.3

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