WiiFlow Lite v5.4.2 Released

WiiFlow Lite v5.4.2

fledge68 is back to release a new update to the WiiFlow fork from developer FIX94 in version 5.4.2.

WiiFlow Lite is a loader for Nintendo Wii and which allows the reading of game backups from the USB key, to launch Gamecube games from the SD and many other features such as:

- Launch Wii games from an SD or USB device formatted in FAT32, NTFS, EXT2 and WBFS
- Launch Gamecube games on SD via Dios Mios Lite
- Launch Gamecube games on USB via Dios Mios or Devolution
- Start Wii and Gamecube games via a real disc
- Start channels from a real NAND or a NAND emand
- Launch Homebrew apps and games
- Launch a classic emu and file games via the WiiFlow plugin system
- Support Nintendont
- Launch WiiWare and VC games via Neek2o
- Take advantage of 3D Coverflow

Changelog v5.4.2 :
  -reverted change in 5.4.1 that made video output a little blurry.
  -reverted change in 5.4.0 that may be the reason some users have issues loading games from sd card. especially on vWii. 
  -changed wiinertag to riitag and cleaned up code for it.  
  -removed dutag
 -changed optimmization from from -os to -o2 to hopefully compile better.
   -other minor code cleanup.
Download: WiiFlow Lite v5.4.2

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