X-Project v1.5.8 Beta Released

X-Project v1.5.8 Beta

Leeful74 proposed two successive updates via Twitter of its X-Project solution. If you want an alternative to the Al-Azif tool, in all regions, a real "Multiman" on PS4, which collects all the latest payloads by category with an XMB similar to that of the PS3, with many features included, X-project 5.05 Self Host is for you.

An interface to XMB, more than 40 payloads, simple customizations, commands, categories ... the v1.5.8 Beta brings a whole set of graphical evolutions on the interface, and many options.

Changelog v1.5.7:
- Hen updated to version 2.1.3 by SiSTR0.
- PS4REN updated to version 2.0 by SiSTR0.
Changelog v1.5.8 Beta:
- Addition of a 'PARAMETERS' page so that you can fully customize X-Project.
- Added possibility to choose payloads to load with button combinations.
- Added the possibility to choose the payloads that will appear in the quick menu.
- Added the possibility to display or hide the kernel clock in the main menu.
- Added the possibility to choose from a selection of backgrounds (you can change them with your own if you wish).
- Added the ability to show or hide the welcome window.
- Added the ability to show or hide the kernel clock.
- Added the possibility to display or hide the kernel clock by clicking on it in the main menu.
- Add the possibility of defining a user name and an IP address, choose a custom color for the menu item on the SETTINGS page.
- Removal of the black bar at the top of the menu. Now the background covers the whole page.
Updates :
- Update of the Lotus GTA V Mod menu to version 1.03.
- The ReactPSPLus payloads have been updated to instantly update the kernel date and time displayed during the execution of the payloads.

- Fixed an issue with ReactPSPLus payloads where the date and time would not have been accurate if other time zones had been used.

Download: X-Project v1.5.8 Beta

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