Auto WiiWare Patcher v2.1.10 Released

Auto WiiWare Patcher v2.1.10

RiiConnect24 have released a new version of their automatic WiiWare WAD patcher for Nintendo Wii consoles. Auto WiiWare Patcher patches WiiWare games for RiiConnect24's Nintendo WFC replacement Wiimmfi. Once patched you can play them online using Wiimmfi.

What's New?

Windows version:
- No changes
Mac/Linux version:
- Lots of improvements to the patcher


Put your WADs (there can be multiple of them) in the folder corresponding to your operating system then run the patch script. Below are instructions to run that.

Windows users:

    Double click the "patcher.bat" script to run it. Don't run WiiWarePatcher.exe. After starting up the patcher, follow the instructions on screen. Also, don't forget to put .WADs into the folder with patcher..

Mac/Linux users:

    Simply run the script in the same directory as the wads you wish to patch.

We recommend installing these WADs with WiiMod Lite.

CUE for the compressors.
Person66 for Sharpii.
Wiiprogger for WiiWare Patcher.
KcrPL for making the Windows version of patcher.

Download: Auto WiiWare Patcher v2.1.10

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